Four Questions with Somi

Get to know Portland Jazz Festival poster girl, Somi, before her performance tonight at the Newmark Theatre opening for Bebel Gilberto.

1. What jazz song would you play for someone unfamiliar with jazz? Why?
Somi: Perhaps “My Favorite Things”. I grew up in love with the film ‘Sound of Music’. Years later, I heard Coltrane’s version of the song and it helped me understand how much jazz has always been a part of popular American culture and the freedom that the genre offers both the artist and the listener. Raindrops on roses!

2. Do you have any pre-show rituals?
Somi: Meditation and a prayer.

3. Keep Portland Weird — what’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen in Portland?
Somi: It will be my first time in Portland, so let the weirdness begin!

4. When did you first fall in love with jazz?
Somi: The first time I heard Ella Fitzgerald.  I was 17 and she was singing Moonlight in Vermont through my car radio.