Jazz for the Young and Broke

Posted on by LukeB

The Portland Jazz Festival connects with young members of the community like myself. More specifically, they are building on the work that is already happening in Portland. On Thursday, Portland State University hosted a noon jazz concert with a queartet led by local favourite and professor Darrell Grant, playing through his newest CD, Truth and Reconciliation.

Darrell is an incredibly talented pianist and teacher from New York, and is a priceless addition to Portland’s jazz scene and an inspiration for many students. When he saw Brian Blade in attendance, the drummer on his latest CD (and arguably one of the greatest drummers in the world), Darrell invited him to the stage to play. The audience, a majority of whom were PSU students, were thrilled. Along with events at PSU, the jazz festival has partnered with places all over Portland that are encouraging young musicians. Through free shows, students have been able to see great players like David Friesen and Rez Abassi. The Leroy Vinegar Jazz Institute every year hosts a young artist concert at the Old Church, featuring up-and-coming local artists. Jam sessions are often happening at all-age locations, encouraging Portland’s youngest artists and building Portland’s vibrant scene.


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