Katie Sharp

March 14, 2017

Incredible Journey Of Jazz Continues To Succeed In 2017

IJOJ was presented at four schools this year during the second week of February. Schools included: Woodlawn Elementary, Ivy Montessouri, Duniway Elementary, and Lincoln Highschool. The Incredible Journey of Jazz is a free, 60 – minute history of jazz program designed for students.  IJOJ offers students a musical introduction to one of America’s most treasured contribution to world culture. During the program students learn about the roots of jazz, its development in the United States, and its relevance to today’s musical culture. “IJOJ continues to be a most rewarding expierence as I witness the positive impact it has on students and faculty!” – PDX Jazz Board member & Education Chair,  Marcia Hocker  Below are some photos of the students –    IJOJ played to a full gymnasium at Woodlawn Elementary. ” I didn’t think I liked jazz before, but I do now!”, exclaimed one student.    IJOJ was met with […]
January 10, 2017

UPDATED 2017 biamp PDX Jazz Festival Mailer

Hello citizens of Jazzlandia! The newly updated 2017 BIAMP PDX Jazz festival guide is here! This guide has all the latest information. We have added new shows, added exciting venues, and updated the schedule. We have provided a downloadable link. Physical copies are sent to your door or can be found across the Portland metro area. Downloadable PDF file HERE The 2017 PDX Jazz Festival begins February 16 – 26. Hope to see you there!
May 13, 2016

Six Questions with Jaleel Shaw

Name: Jaleel Shaw Residing Location: Paterson, NJ Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram Past and present about Jaleel Shaw: Saxophonist born and raised in Philly that grew up loving and listening to all music from Charlie Parker, A Tribe Called Quest, John Coltrane, D’Angelo thus started playing saxophone at age 9 and got serious at age 11… by age 13 decided to be a professional musician. Graduated from Berklee on a scholarship with a dual degree in Music Education & Performance. Attend Manhattan School of Music also on a scholarship to gain a Masters in Performance. Since then has performed w/ Roy Haynes, Dave Holland, Roy Hargrove, the Mingus Big Band, Jimmy Cobb, The Count Basie Orchestra, Christian McBride, Tom Harrell. 1. What or who made you fall in love with jazz? I guess in a way, my mother is the reason why I fell in love with music in general. She […]
May 11, 2016

Six Questions with Darrell Grant

    Name: Darrell Grant Website Residing location: Portland, OR Musical past and present in one run-on sentence: performer, composer and PSU professor, has built an international reputation as a stellar pianist and versatile musician whose four previous recordings have topped jazz charts.   1. Besides being musically talented, do you have any hidden talents? According to my son I tell really good stories. 2. What has been your greatest artistic success? Making music that connects with people is a success. Having someone tell me that my ‘Spirit’ album got them through a surgery was gratifying. Having my music be the inspiration for a Reconciliation Concert featuring Bishop Desmond Tutu… But being a parent trumps all of those. 3. What or who made you fall in love with jazz? I loved being able to play what I heard in my head. I also loved that unlike classical piano, I got to primarily perform […]
December 2, 2015

Why does music matter & Why does music move us?

“Those who dance are considered insane by those who cannot hear the music” – George Carlin It is the first of December! Which means the holidays are right around the corner as well as the end of 2015. During this time I like to reflect on what the year has given to me as well as ponder about what i can expect for the upcoming year; I am sure most people do this as well. This year i started my internship with PDX Jazz, which has shined a new light over jazz. Two questions constantly came up in my thoughts is – Why does music matter & Why does music move us? In my free time i like going to concerts of emerging artists of various genres. I prefer the small venues with artists who put their heart and soul into the performance because they have not reached super stardom […]