Darrell Grant’s “On the Territory”

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Darrell Grant's "On the Territory"

Pianist Darrell Grant has started a new project, called “On the Territory.”  The group features Texas-born and Los Angeles-transplant Cameron Morgan on guitar, Wyoming-born and New York-transplant Sam Howard on bass, Ji Tanzer (of Blue Cranes) on drums, John Nastos on saxophones, and avant-garde vocalist Jessyka Luzzi, Here’s what Darrell has to say about the project:

This project is inspired by the idea that music, much like wine and coffee, is shaped by an indefinable connection to terrain, which is both the physical place and the community from which it springs. The French call this “terroir”.  I call it the Territory.  The players in this ensemble, including myself, come to Oregon from disparate places–New York, California, Wyoming, Boston.  We were drawn here in no small part by the “terroir” of this place–what someone called “a terroir of the mind as much as of the land.”   Living here helps define our musical territory.  Like Oregon, it is a diverse and scenic landscape, where jazz, blues, gospel, folk, classical and rock music become our rivers, valleys, mountain peaks and quiet retreats.  The songs that we travel with come from Bob Dylan, Keith Jarrett, Neil Young, John Lennon, James Taylor, Jan Garbarek and others–some with words, some without–that have in common a reflection on place, and a beauty that speaks to the truths of our life and times.

The band’s next gig will be at the PDXJazz Riverfront concert on August 22nd.  Watch this space for more details as the date approaches.

For now, head over to Darrell’s new blog and check out some photos on the band’s last concert.

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