Discover Jazz

Discover Jazz is a free lecture series presented several times a year, most often in the offices of Literary Arts. Because jazz music and its associated culture is a critical part of American history, our mission is devoted to exploring the interactions between jazz and other art forms including literature, film, and visual art. Presentations thus far have been on the relationship between jazz and the writers of the Beat Generation, an analysis of James Baldwin’s “Sonny’s Blues” and its relationship to jazz, and an analysis of the Harlem Renaissance.

While most lectures are given by members of the PDX Jazz Board, the series is open to proposals from non-Board members. Qualified speakers interested in presenting a topic meeting our mission goal can send a detailed proposal to Discover Jazz Chair, Pancho Savery. Please explain why you want to give a presentation and how it will be an in-depth analysis of the relationship between jazz and some other art form. Proposals will be reviewed by the full Discover Jazz Committee.

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