Ticket Policy

When You Receive Your Tickets

Please check all of your tickets for accurate performances, dates, times and seat locations. If you feel there is an error in your order, please call the ticketing company that issued your tickets or PDX Jazz at 503-228-5299.

Will Call

Ticket Services staff will be available at the venue when the doors open for the performance and will distribute Will Call, sell additional seats to the current performance, and answer seating questions. Tickets for future performances will not be sold at the Box Office window.

Refunds and Exchanges

No refunds or exchanges. All programs, artists, dates, times and venues are subject to change.

Lost Tickets

If your tickets are lost or stolen, please contact the ticketing company that issued your tickets or the PDX Jazz office as soon as possible. All replacement tickets will be held at Will Call. We are only able to replace tickets purchased through official primary ticketing providers.

Donate Your Tickets

In the event you cannot use your ticket, you may convert your ticket into a tax-deductible donation by:

  1. Contacting the PDX Jazz office a minimum of two (2) business days prior to the performance date and time printed on the ticket.
  2. Verification is required. The destroyed ticket must received by PDX Jazz via U.S. mail, courier, or email photocopy in order to be eligible for a tax-credit.  Tax-credit receipts are only issued after the performance has occurred.  A tax-credit receipt acknowledging the value of the ticket donation will be mailed to the current name and address of the purchaser listed on patron account records. Donated tickets are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Artists Change/Weather/Cancellation

Artists are subject to change without prior notice and a change of artist is not cause for a refund. All shows are rain or shine. In the unlikely event a performance is cancelled, refunds will be available from the company issuing the ticket.