PDX Jazz Festival Artist Quotes

Here’s what some of the artists who’ve played the PDX Jazz Festival have to say about our annual event:

Lou Donaldson-PC - John GreenEDIT


(The Portland Jazz Festival) is a magnificent festival that treats jazz musicians like royalty and the whose tremendous fan reception and appreciation of jazz is spectacular! It’s a great pleasure to play in Portland!

-Lou Donaldson





It was such an honor to be a part of the opening night of Portland Jazz Fest alongside Bebel Gilberto.  That was my very first time performing in Portland and I was thrilled to have been received with so much warmth.

– Somi




I have nothing but praise for the Portland Jazz Festival. The audience’s are the best. I was shown so much love and appreciation from just about everyone I encountered.

-Freda Payne


Ravi 3



The Portland Jazz Festival is as hip as anything that’s happening in Europe.

-Ravi Coltrane